“I loved The Probability of Miracles . . . Frankly, this book took me by surprise with its awesome-ness. I had no idea when I requested it that I would adore it so much!” – Mr. R for
“It may be impossible to find a book that you’d call absolutely perfect, but you can certainly make a list of your ideal book’s qualities. It’ll make you laugh so hard you snarf your root beer. It’ll make you cry so hard you end up hiccupping uncontrollably in public. It’ll have a voice, or writing style, that surprises and intrigues you; a special way of seeing the world. It’ll have a plot that keeps you turning pages, unable to stop until you find out how it all ends, and characters that feel like people you know—or people you want to know . . . If your ideals are anything like [ours], we think the probability that you’ll love Wendy Wunder’s debut is going to be very, very high.” – Paper Lantern Lit review of The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder
I have to gush about this book. It was bittersweet, beautiful, and aspiring. It hits you so hard. (The book hasn’t even been released yet and I’m already hoping for books from Wendy Wunder.) Cam was the perfect heroine for me . . .  [She] wasn't a romantic or a dreamer. She was sarcastic, she was real. Cam breathed life with all of its ups and downs into the novel. The Probability of Miracles had an array of characters, which gave the book an explosion of voices and personalities. And yet it remained harmonious because at its center was Cam. She brought them in together from the perky sister, to the ever-fighting mother, to the sassy Nana, to the boy who taught Cam how to love, to the best friend who gave Cam a purpose when she felt like giving it all up. They were a perfect cast of supporters to the perfect heroine of an amazing and profound book. It was slow in the beginning, but worth it in the end. Oh, the end. The last line literally made me fall in love with the book all over again and again. There’s wickedness to the humor, but lightness to the romance.”  - 5 out of 5 stars, Yan at
“BEAUTIFUL. Simply beautiful. I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. I don't typically like books that tend to be heavy. I like my books light and fluffy. Afterall, they are my escape. The synopsis does a pretty good job of summarizing the book, but it doesn't tell you how beautiful the writing is. (sigh) I loved Cam and Asher. I loved Nana and Pery. All of the characters were great and did such a great job of complimenting one another. . . .  Cam and Asher were mesmerizing. Cam was sarcastic and real. You could feel her fear and insecurity. I totally understood why she was trying to protect herself (her heart). And I LOVED how she changed throughout the book. It was so heartwarming. I cried while reading the final 40+ pages. I didn't cry out of sadness though. The writing was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. But most importantly, the transformation that Cam-- as a person-- had undergone was what was so amazing. I expected to be so overwhelmed with grief at her passing, but I wasn't. Instead, there was an unbelievable sense of completeness and closure. I can't put into words how the end of the book moved me. The emotions that I felt while reading are too much for simple words. But I can honestly say, it was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. . . . This is a must read. Plain and simple. You owe it to yourself to read this book, and experience the beauty of this story.” –

“The cover drew me in (it is actually very fitting for the book--even the pink!), and then I read the summary and thought, "Wow. That sounds beautiful."

I read it and it was exactly that.

I can't really say anything about the ending, because I absolutely do not want to spoil it. I can say that I was in tears. Happy or sad, I won't say. It was still a beautiful ending.
The Probability of Miracles is a very engrossing read. Cleverly written, with a cast of unique and interesting characters, and a mystical setting that will leave you wishing it were real, you will have some trouble putting this book down. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why the universe can be so beautiful and unfair at the same time. I wish I could read this for the first time all over again. I absolutely loved it and will read more from Wendy Wunder. She is an incredible author! Highly recommend! – 5 out of 5 stars,

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it may just turn out to be one of my favorites of 2011. . . . There was a somewhat otherworldly, unreal quality about this story that really worked in its favor. The many coincidences, the many miracles Perry records in her notebook, all of it could have ended up on the too cutesy side. Cam's Flamingo List? Saving a puppy that was the runt of the litter? Having her pet bird show up in Maine after it flew away way back at her Nana's house? It could have been unbelievable but Wendy Wunder writes so that I believe in these things. I believe in what is happening to Cam one hundred percent. I don't have the words to truly describe what I liked about Wunder's writing but for me as  reader, it just worked. There is a nice balance of humor, honesty, the improbable, and the all too hard-hitting reality of what Cam is going through. . . .  I cried several places in this story. I cried for Cam as she struggled with her disease. I cried with her as she imagined a future where she isn't part of her family anymore. But it's surprisingly not a depressing book. If anything, this is a book about celebrating life, the little miracles to the big miracles to the most fun moments of just being a teenager. This debut from Wendy Wunder is rather magical.” –