Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Push

Hi and welcome to the new blog! Designed by my favorite genius and yours, David Yoon. Thanks David!! I love the fonts...The 70s magazine feel. The sun dappled nostalgia of it all. Much respect.

Well, it's only 5 weeks until the release of The Probability of Miracles and I thought I'd post a shot of how it all began...

You see, when my daughter was 4 (about 4 years ago) she was obsessed by the hula. She was Very serious about it:

Sort of:

So what was any mom to do, but take her to DISNEY WORLD..(we couldn't afford Hawaii) and I had super fond memories of The Polynesian Hotel in the seventies.  We couldn't actually Stay at the Polynesian Hotel...We stayed at the All Star Movies Budget Hotel with the big statue of Buzz Lightyear, and the kind of gross food court. We didn't stay at the Polynesian, but we Did make sure to get ourselves to the special Luau dinner show, where my four year old was invited up on stage to dance. 

Here's where a good mom would post a picture of her dancing on stage at Disney World's Polynesian Hotel, but I spent two hours combing our files for the Disney pics and I can't find them...:( 

Anyway, while I was watching the special luau Polynesian dinner show, I thought about how interesting it would be to "perform" your culture for a living for a bunch of people who didn't really understand it.  It would be gratifying in that you'd be keeping your traditions alive, but also frustrating because you'd only be showing people a small Disnified fraction of what it means to be Polynesian...Anyway I was thinking and thinking about that and that's probably why I don't have a lot of pictures of it...And I thought I might write about it some day... And The Probability of Miracles was born...sort of...Because it's about a whole lot of other things aside from what it might be like to work at Disney. 

Did I mention it comes out on December 8th?  Because it does.  And you can pre-order it now on Amazon.  And get one for all your friends.  For the Holidays.  Because you have to get something for them anyway right.. And it's that perfect price.  Under twenty dollars so it doesn't seem like you overdid it, but over ten, so it doesn't seem like you cheaped out.  And it's a hardcover.  So it looks rich,  like you got a lot for your money.  Anyhow... Hope you have a fabulous evening!  Let me know your thoughts about the new blog.


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